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10 Tips to improve your home's sell-ability

First impressions can make the difference between a SALE and NO SALE.
It’s not a good idea to make major renovations when you are ready to sell a house. You may not recoup your investment.
Some small and simple repairs can bring big changes... Keeping things simple can give you a leg up on similar houses on the market.
However waiting to make repairs until after you find a buyer can be very tricky. Each unfinished project is translated on dollars amount on offers... and can be an obstacle for closing a sale...  Save yourself some time and potential troubles by making repairs before you list your home.
The repairs will have to be made sooner or later... better have them done before putting the house on the Market.

Here 10 Tips/ that can improve your home's sell-ability.
1- Replace cracked floors or cracked tiles.
2-Patch holes in the walls and consider painting them with some neutral colors. This  can help prospective buyers to create their own vision for the house, and will also leave them with less work to undo if they buy the house.
3-Fix doors and windows that do not close properly and kitchen drawers that jam.
4- Replacing the hardware on cabinets is a quick way to improve the appearance of older looking fixtures.
5- Replace burned-out light bulbs, leaky faucets and upgrade small items such as light switch and outlet covers.
6- Maximize the "curb appeal" by keeping  the grass to a reasonable height and branches under control. The path to the front door should be a clear and welcoming one. Get rid of rusty mail box.
7- Give the backyard a balanced image Private- family-friendly look...
8 -Clear the cluttering. Having less furniture can help the home appear more spacious, provide clear walkways and help the house move off the market.
9- Do not get too personal...  Replace worn bedspread, get rid of excess newspapers, magazines, mail... Be sure to put away your laundry,  shoes,  personal belongings, like pictures on the refrigerator or mantle...
10-  Strong smells can send potential homebuyers away. Make sure to take out the trash,  clean the refrigerator regularly, keep an eye on litter- box, avoid cooking with strong spices before any showing...
Baking soda is a gentle alternative to harsh chemicals. A box of baking soda destroys strong smells in the Fridge/ Pouring baking soda down the drain while running warm tap water, neutralize odours/ For smelly furniture, pour a little baking soda on carpet, sofas, chairs... wait 15 minutes and vacuum up to.


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